Friday, 13 November 2009

Cobra makes it to Thursday Island

A company that's ever expanding, The Cobra Group recently made it to ‘Thursday Island’, situated just 40 kms off the Australian mainland. The tropical island with a sparse population of just 3500, is not considered by many as a market with much of potential, but since The Cobra Group thinks the unthinked and does what others may not dare to do, the company ventured to send its marketing team to ‘Thursday Island’.

The response was in fact 100% positive and the team returned triumphant, after having secured for the client a good number of customers. It was for a client in the Pay TV sector that The Cobra Group had ventured to make inroads into the ‘Thursday Island’ market. The locals in the island not only came in to sign up as customers, they also appreciated the visit by presenting the team with a calendar featuring local dignitaries. The Cobra Group thus adds another feather to its cap of achievements in direct marketing.
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